Gratitude - the best Attitude

So today I decided to not only be grateful and share that gratitude but to share some thoughts that keep recurring as I move into the next phase of this journey - Grandparenthood and five years in business.

First, I am reminded that In order to become anything, you first have to risk being nothing. Starting something...being the person out front is the real risk and it is required of you - YOU HAVE TO RISK IT.

What is the "IT?" Well, depending on where you are in your journey it could be your reputation, your financial security, etc - but for everyone, the "IT" is you, your real self. For when we dream of what we want, it always includes who we want to become and how we want to be perceived - so that's the risk!

I realized that with each and every new journey I have undertaken in the course of my life and career I don't do it lightly. No, I decide to go ALL IN! My all in is not because I want to succeed, but honestly it is because achieving requires it. One must give everything to achieve something. So that "IT" becomes being aware of that and reflect on it daily.

In all my journeys, I have spent time reflecting - I call it the quarterly "What am I doing" talk with myself. Asking myself questions like:

  • Is this what you thought it would be?

  • Does this make you happy?

  • Do you feel good about what you are doing?

  • and many more.

This reflection allows me to choose gratitude. Over the course of these five years I continue to follow my heart, my focus will come and go, I may have to start and then restart, but through it all keep believing because my heart requires it and if you reflect and follow your heart you can never fail.

The other benefit of following your heart is you are living for the adventure and the process - not focusing on the success or fame.

Choosing one path, stepping out in front and your own leader, bearing the responsibility is the risk - the real risk. Those who follow or who join after you've stepped out risk nothing and many may try and take everything. The key is finding the right team who truly understand and respect the risk - this is a critical piece of your gratitude.

I have the great fortune of mentors who have walked this path, who live this daily, who understand and appreciate the risk takers but who truly understand happiness and gratitude in business and in life.

So today as I head into this new role of "Grandma" I continue to fearlessly go deep into this journey and dedicate myself to enjoying each and every step along the way. Of course this risk is an easy one - all the spoiling and none of the disciplining! I am gratefule and my passionate heart will lead the way.

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